Late Arrivals (2015)

 Late Arrivals (Short, 2015)

Written & Directed by Richard Keaney

Director of Photography – David C. Lynch


Tim Dillard

Soroush Salimi

Lucie Azconaga

An Iranian father and son arrive at their new home in Dublin. However, they are unable to confront the reason behind their move and their silence threatens to tear them apart.

11 Official Selections at International Festivals and 1 award out of 2 nominations:

-MAC Film Festival, Manaus, Brazil, 2015.
-IndieCork Film Festival, Cork, Ireland, 2015.
-Videodrunk Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2015.
-Artfools Video Festival, Larissa, Greece, 2016.
-Chennai International Short Film Festival, India, 2016.
-Chicago Irish Film Festival, Chicago, USA, 2016
-Silk Road Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland, 2016.
– Limerick Film Festival, Limerick, Ireland, 2016. (Winner- Best Lighting, Nominated- Best Director)
-Galaxy Film Awards, Las Vegas, USA, 2016.
– Fastnet Short Film Festival, Cork, Ireland, 2016.
-Ozark Shorts, Missouri, USA, 2016.

Screened on Long haul Aer Lingus Flights From Oct-Nov, 2016.